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Student Laptop program

Marryatville High School Laptop program overview

Marryatville High School has re-defined the laptop program for its students to ensure that all students have access to appropriate technology to support their learning. Fundamental to this new program is the belief that by standardising the technology that our students use at school we will optimise the use of technology across all aspects of their learning. 

While Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) programs have had some success at some schools, the way that technology is utilised at Marryatville High School requires a program far more robust, reliable and supported than BYOD can offer. Our laptop program supports our vision ‘to provide excellence in student centred 21st Century learning in a global context’. 

The school laptop is necessary to personalise learning and provide access to electronic resources. While the school recognises that some parents may have a laptop computer at home and would prefer their child to bring that to school we will not be able to accommodate that arrangement. From 2019 the older laptop programs will be phased out to bring all students, irrespective of year level, onto the one program.

Full details on our program can be found in the MHS Laptop Handbook found here;

MHS Laptop Handbook PDF >

To order your student’s laptop for 2019 please click here


Students in year 11 or 12 in 2019 

Marryatville High School believes it is critical for students to have access to appropriate technology in their senior years and offers to students in year 11 and 12 in 2019 3 different options. These students represent the last group of students who may bring their own devices (BYOD) to school while the new program is introduced.

Options are:

  • purchase a new device through the school's supplier - PREFERRED. The new laptops are vastly superior, business class laptops from Lenovo with touch and pen input. These have been chosen for next year’s year 8 students and all staff from next year. They are excellent laptops, include all software and are fully supported for your year 11 and 12

  • continue to use your current laptop - may be suitable for some students. The school will continue to support you but please understand they are out of insurance and warranty and if you break it there will be a charge from ACER to get it fixed. You may find it won’t stand up to the rigours of year 11 and 12 though

  • bring another device from home (BYOD) - Not recommended. Year 11 and 12 students in 2019 (only) will be the last year level to enter into BYOD as the school has found that while BYOD has worked at some schools, it is not successful at Marryatville High School. Students may bring a suitable device (listed in the document below) and will have access to printing and the internet (only). Families will be responsible for supplying their own software and technical support. Please also be aware that many year 12 SACE exams are going online and having a device that works properly here at school is crucial.


Please read the document below for guidance on how to get connected to the school internet. 

Year 11 and 12 BYOD booklet >

Students must read and sign the agreements within the booklet and must book an online appointment to get connected 

Click here to book your connection time >