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Special Interest Music Centre

Marryatville's Special Interest Music Centre (SIMC) was established in 1976 and is one of four specialist centres in Adelaide.

Marryatville's SIMC provides models of excellence in music education in South Australia. The award winning program is recognized both nationally and internationally.


Application to audition process

Applications for entry into 2022 have NOW CLOSED.  

Please visit this page in December 2021 for an update to the application to audition process for 2023.

Specialist music program

The multifaceted music curriculum of Marryatville's SIMC includes the development of choral, concert band, jazz, contemporary, orchestral, solo, and small ensemble skills both within the classroom program as well as part of the extra curricular offerings.


Junior curriculum:

  • musicianship (theory/aural) and musical development
  • analysis and score reading
  • composition
  • class ensemble and class choir
  • solo performance
  • early music
  • music technology
  • career studies/arts management.

The senior curriculum 

SACE stage 1

  • music studies (theory/harmony/aural, analysis, solo performance)
  • music explorations (composition and performance with a focus on contemporary music including music technology)
  • music technology (recording, sound manipulation, composition).

SACE stage 2

  • music studies (performance or composition, theory/harmony/aural, analysis)
  • music experience (composition and performance with a focus on contemporary music including music technology)
  • music performance: solo
  • music performance: ensemble.

In the senior years special interest students study a combination of SACE music subjects and participate in a number of extra curricular ensembles including a choir and a large ensemble.


Underlying principles of the Special Interest Music Centre (SIMC)

  • To cater for students who demonstrate the strongest motivation and greatest aptitude for development in music and to develop these talents and capacities to their full potential. 
  • To provide the opportunity for specialised intensive studies in music with instruction that is provided by experienced teachers with a high degree of musical skills and knowledge.
  • To develop self-confidence and achievement of personal excellence in music, enabling confident participation in music within the school and the wider community.
  • To provide musical development of other students in the school.

Orchestral program 

Marryatville High School has four orchestras; school orchestra, baroque ensemble, studio strings and the junior orchestra. The school orchestra has travelled to Japan and Europe, and undertaken many regional and national tours. 

Concert band 

Marryatville High School has a strong band program at junior and senior level. The development of ensemble skills is nurtured through the classroom program in years 8 to 10, as well as after hours as a co-curricular activity. The school has a senior and junior concert band, and opportunities for small woodwind, brass and percussion ensembles. 


Through the Jazz program, the big bands have had success in local and national competitions, including the Generations in Jazz National Stageband Awards associated with James Morrison. The school currently has three big bands. Big band I has toured England, USA and Canada. 


As singing is the most important part of a child’s musical development, it is an integral part of the music program at Marryatville High School. Every music student sings in a class choir. Students may also choose to participate in co-curricular ensembles; concert choir, chamber choir, junior choir, boys’ choir, girls’ choir and the Pops Vocal ensemble. 

Small ensembles 

Our extra curricular ensembles include many smaller groups such as; double bass ensemble, flute ensemble, baroque ensemble, senior and junior recorder ensembles, senior and junior guitar ensembles, percussion ensemble, jazz combos, instrumental trios and quartets and other ensembles, dependent on student needs. 

Instrument tuition 

All music students at Marryatville High School have the opportunity to access small group instrumental lessons through the Instrumental Music service (IM) of the Department for Education  (DFE). Tuition in specialist instruments is provided by the SIMC (eg harpsichord, tuba, viol, etc). Special interest music students are encouraged to learn a second instrument and also gain basic keyboard skills. Advanced students are encouraged to access tuition with private instrumental teachers.


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